“A good magazine steps in when society steps out, provoking questions and helping shape a readers life-long values, ideas and goals."
Rochelle Udell
 Create an editorial design with two spreads, fitting within the Society of Publication Designers Student Design Competition magazine categories. The topic should also reflect a personal interest or area of expertise.
I chose help my little sister’s story get the attention it deserves. She battles clinical anxiety, and in an article she wrote, she shares all the details of how this impacts her. Anxiety has a negative connotation and is frequently misunderstood in society. Elle’s story helps to explain where it stems from, how serious the consequences are and what we can do to help. 
Taking this blog post and placing it in the context of a featured magazine article, helps highlight the topic’s importance. It puts Elle’s story on the same level of others featured in magazines. I curated photos of Elle from social media, showing her happiness she displays to the rest of the world. I coupled them with a few raw photographs my elder sister helped take. I edited these photos to demonstrate what is underneath – the blues evoking that sadness. I chose Arapey and Brandon Grotesque, which echo the typefaces of contemporary women-centric magazines. For the layout, I learned a formulaic approach from great editorial designers before me and aimed to fit my design in the context of an actual magazine. 
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Image Development Process

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