Client need
ArcStone had been working with Evergreen’s marketing team for about five years, but they hadn’t rebranded or redesigned the site. Whether it was lack of time, budget or the way they’d been burned by a previous web company, it had not happened and we were stuck working with an outdated brand. As I had become project manager of this client, I was able to gain the trust of their owner and make tweaks to the brand as I became more familiar with their work. It all came together in a style guide.
I took the knowledge I had gained from speaking with the client, working on their designs and reviewing their content and decided it was best to start with a style guide. This way, I could consolidate a lot of disparate pieces to help myself, our design team and Evergreen understand the brand, where it has been and where it could go. I explained each choice I made, both with visuals and copy and presented it to the client so they could feel confident about pursuing an updated website after the fact. 

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