Client need
Once my agency, ArcStone, had established a strong relationship with HealthPartners, they came to us with a more complicated request. They had a form on their main site that needed an updated user experience. Not only was the old form design outdated and tedious to fill out, they also wanted to host it on the blog itself and add an interactive feature. As I was the main designer and manager for their blog content, ArcStone asked me to lead this project.
In collaboration with our interactive marketing specialist, I used the then beta version of Adobe XD to map out the user experience, ensuring we were adding both the previous forms’ fields plus the new requirements from the client. Once this was approved, I worked with two developers to execute the design. One developed a Google Maps integration that allowed the user to select a meeting location, going to a specific form based on it. The other developer worked with me to build out each form field and integrate that with HealthPartner’s customer relationship management system. 
This was a highly technical project, but resulted in a great user experience for people signing up for Medicare and has lead thousands of Midwestern clients to Medicare meetings. Since then, I have helped them add a couple more features to the form and build it out on an another blog site.
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