"I love it when we get to put our talent to good use, and when we get to work on something that changes how people think. I love it when we get to work on something that really helps people. I love it wen we get to use our skills in order to help change the world."
Emily Oberman, How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer
"Young adults aged 18-25 years had the highest prevalence of 'any mental health'" issue, with nearly one quarter reporting mental health issues (National Institute of Mental Health). After hearing about my little sister's struggle with anxiety and two of my closest girlfriend's battle depression, I've learned it's a very isolating experience. A huge issue with it is friends don't know how to react. They care to support the person but oftentimes, they aren't equipped with the proper knowledge for counseling that person. 
Because of this, I wanted a tangible object – beyond they typical movement's t-shirt or hat – that meant something to the people that bought it or even gifted it to another. When considering what this could be, I knew an object that one could wear is a powerful asset, as the act of putting it on is personal and moreover, is an outward statement. Given my interest in medical herbalism and mindfulness, I chose to create a line of scents, naming them "Warrior" fragrances after my younger sister's blog, "Warrior, Not Worrier." 
Anyone can buy the fragrances, but it would be sold in a way that they could gift it to a friend or loved one struggling with mental or physical health issues. This is especially useful as friends tend to struggle to understand mental illness when they find their loved one is battling anxiety or depression. They don't know what to say to show their support without being offensive. By gifting this fragrance, the will be able to say, "I get it and I want to help." 
Additionally, since the line will be well-designed, it will make these topics look less taboo and make people feel less weak and ashamed who struggle with them. Instead, the topic would feel more approachable and the people more empowered.
Each fragrance has an attached story behind it – one of a real-world warrior. This is to help the girl struggling with anxiety see that everyone has their battlefield. When they spray on the fragrance, they can remember the person supporting them and move forward in their day with greater strength.   

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