Client need
I had been working with ArcStone's client, Evergreen, for about two years when we noticed the traffic to their site was not growing at the rate we knew the content entailed it could. The client had been hesitant to redesign as they had been unhappy with a previous design agency experience. However, I knew that in order to really help them see the traffic and business they deserved, they needed an updated brand and a redesigned website with clearer user pathways across the site.
The first step was convincing the client this overhaul would be worth the investment. To do so, I pulled together Google Analytics reports of the traffic over a the last couple years to show where we were losing users. I also used heatmapping software insights to highlight where users were most often interacting with the site, and how those pages needed to be more prominent. To give the client a taste of where this site could go, I executed a brand assessment to show the client a vision of what could be. 
Once the client saw this, they were ready to dive in, excited to see how I combined their existing brand with a more compelling visual system. 
To understand how to restructure the site and top content priorities, I looked more closely at the heatmapping software and analytics and then interviewed the client. This information helped form a sitemap to help restructure the entire site. I also studied their analytics and current collateral to come up with a fresh direction. To understand users’ tastes, I studied competitor’s sites as well as monitored which imagery and language performed well in email marketing and social campaign. With this information, I formed a style guide to help guide the aesthetic direction. After a few rounds of design edits based on client reviews and internal meetings with other designers, I worked with the developer to ensure my designs read well on the live site.
The client is thrilled with the finished product. See the live site here
Heatmapping software showing top-clicks and scroll depth to help inform new sitemap.

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