Choose an existing line of packaged goods and redesign them to appeal to a sophisticated, upscale demographic. You are to redesign and mock up an entire packaging line. Look for products that may be mocked up perfectly and within a manageable budget. Plan on producing multiples of each package for display and presentation purposes. 
Tucked up in the northern woods of Laporte, Minnesota, Forestedge is a charming, family-owned winery with a knack for producing unique fruit wine. Unfortunately, the packaging of Forestedge appears clunky and underwhelming and does not effectively communicate the wine’s quality or the winery’s beautiful setting. They needed to intrigue a more sophisticated audience and say more, with less. 
For inspiration, I drew on how Forestedge is set apart from California wines as they have close ties to the local artisan community and Minnesotan roots. Central to the design is a sketch of mine: it’s a hand-drawn evergreen branch placed in the background, to concisely reflect the setting of the vineyard. I replaced their typeface with bolder, more regal serif fonts tell their story. For several of the details such as the mandatory government information I had fun, using nontraditional methods of laying them out. For the color palette, I chose a dark background with only one pop of color for each flavor, as this contrasted with the neighboring wines on the shelves. To top it off, I created a dynamic symbol, using FE characters, mimicking the shape of two evergreen trees connecting. 

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