Thrive – defintion / verb.
1. to prosper; be fortunate or successful. grow or develop vigorously; flourish:

Thrive – origin / old norse.
Middle English (originally in the sense ‘grow, increase’): from Old Norse thrífask, reflexive of
thrífa ‘grasp, get hold of.’
In order to cut through the clutter of gym and yoga studios available these days, Thrive: The Wellbeing Project needed a brand that evokes their unique offerings. They wanted an identity system that will guide all future brand collateral and eventually their physical studio and retail space. The brand will also need to stand out digitally, in social media feeds and on a website. 
Rather than appropriating Middle-Eastern aesthetics as many yoga studios do, I dug into what made Thrive unique. They wanted to pull on the rich history of traditional yoga practices, while appealing to the modern day client.
I looked into the Arts and Crafts movement, with figures such as William Morris, as that was also of a time of returning to nature, craftsmanship and simple form, while bringing the aesthetic to their present day. To add a modern day vibe to my illustrations and classic Goudy font, I added more geometric forms. I based these on the word exercises the client and I went through. I honed in on "resilient, rooted, restored" with "resilient" receiving what is known as the strongest shape, the triangle, "rooted" pairing with the icon for earth-ground in electrical engineering, and "restored" being paired with the circle to reflect circular, restorative breathing. 

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