Client Need
As HealthPartners and ArcStone studied this audience, we concluded the best way to deliver content was visually, through infographics. It worked because most moms are on Instagram and Pinterest which is all image-based content. Likewise, infographics show the facts fast, as they aren’t as wordy and can rely on images to help convey the information. Working with their content manager, I developed 14 infographics for the website.
With each infographic the main goal was to break down the information and make it as easy to digest as possible for busy moms. We also wanted to set a comforting tone, since often the topics we covered discussed areas that were fairly stressful for new moms. To do this I relied on simple icons and told the story from top to bottom, left to right. To add a little flair and emphasize the brand, I created patterns based on baby iconography and changed up the color combinations and hues from graphic to graphic. I also kept the tone light by using playful imagery and bright colors. 

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