Candyland, a candy store located in St. Paul, Minnesota, was (hypothetically) in need of three ads to draw in a new audience; one that is upscale and in their late 20s / early 30s. The ads would be featured in regional magazines, weekly, for about a month. 
This historic company is run like an old-fashioned candy store and has been since 1932, through the Great Depression and WWII. It includes a wondrous shop, full of delicious candy and popcorn products. Despite all this, the brand felt like every other candy shop, even those without the rich story and the classic charm. This is further problematic in respect to the audience, as candies have a bad rep for most of the target audience of millennials. However, right from the get-go, I saw the powerhouse behind the business. They fought through years ups and downs to be the strong, still family-owned business they are today. Likewise, there is magic in what a candy store provides, especially one that is rooted in such history as this store is; it’s an escape from everyday life and a return to the wonder of childhood. 
I used that as inspiration for my sentimental advertising phrases, illustrations, and logo. With these assets, I aimed to pull at the heartstrings of my audience. Each spread includes a childhood dream scene and a tagline that each sells the idea that childhood delights are always waiting for you at Candyland. To ensure this feeling was carried across the brand, I also updated the logo to a much more whimsical look, using my own calligraphy.  

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