Create a poster that conveys something you’re passionate about to your viewer. The focus will be on data and translating facts and figures to your audience. The design should be grounded in typography and must include two or more colors. This data must be shown in at least two of the following visual aids: a fever chart, bar graph, pie chart and/or table. 
It’s striking to me how far removed many of us in modern times are from both natural remedies and nature itself. Based on estimates by U.S. News, properly prescribed drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. In terms of self-care, I believe this is especially worth more study as a connection with nature and more thoughtful medicinal usage could be just what our struggling modern society needs. With this project I sought to instill in the viewer greater awe of nature and the body. 
Performing vast research to pull together resources from medical journals and herbalism blogs, I painted a picture of how this ties together and worked to get this storyline to flow coherently. To boost intrigue I used typefaces that evoked mysticism and had a futuristic feel. The copy is done with a more humanistic typeface to keep the message accessible. The bright colors are taken from actual herbs and are coupled with blues that create a cleansing and calming tone. 
Drafts one through six

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